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Versatile Printing Solutions for the Hospitals, Laboratories, Pharmacies, Long Term Care Facilities, and Clinics


CognitiveTPG’s healthcare printing applications address many of the issues facing hospitals, clinics, and pharmancies.  CognitiveTPG healthcare printers enhance patient safety by increasing accuracy with admissions and lab work, and improving inventory management and asset control, all while lowering costs and streamlining workflow within pharmacies.  Our printers are proven in hospitals, pharmacies, and medical facilities around the world to reliably print barcode labels, wristbands, specimen labels, prescriptions, and business forms.




Applications and Uses

* Invoices & Receipts 

* Receipt with Loyalty, Coupons  & Mkt Messaging

* Check Validation & Multi-Ply Forms

* Kiosks and Self Service Printers

* Invoices & Service Orders

* Information Labels

* On-Demand Prescription Labels

* Laboratory Labels (Specimen, Blood, etc.)

* Patient Wristband & Admission Labels

* Medical Record, File and Patient Chart Labels

* Radiology

* Order Labels

* Asset & Inventory Management

* Shipping Labels

* Receiving Labels

* Work In Process Labeling


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Rugged & Reliable Desktop Label Printer


Prescription Label Printer
with optional Security Features

C Series

Small Footprint, Industrial Grade Label Printer


Rugged & Reliable Desktop Label Printer



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