A776II - Retail Receipt/Slip Printer

Key Features

8MB Memory
Receipt printing, validation, and impact slip printing
Fast (300 mm/sec)
99% MICR read rate accuracy



Download A776II Datasheet


Form Printing & Check Validation

Check payment in retail is still relatively high, make sure you have a printer to validate checks, endorse coupons and print on service forms.

Several Interfaces and Resident Emulations

A776II has several population emulations and communication interfaces making installation a breeze.

Small Footprint

Under 75 square inches, the A776II will fit almost anywhere.

Technical Specification Overview


Print MethodReceipt: Direct Thermal, 203 DPI; Slip: 9-Pin Impact
Print ColumnsReceipt: 44 & 56; Slip: 42 & 51
Print Line WidthReceipt: 2.8 in. (72 mm); Slip: 3.02 in. (76.8 mm)
Printing SpeedReceipt: Monochrome 89.0 LPS (250 mm/s) Two-color 40 LPS (150 mm/s); Slip: 4.8 LPS (16 mm/sec)
User Memory8 MB: shared for graphics, logos, user-defined characters and user data storage
Paper Roll (W X Dia.)3.15 in. X 3.27 in. (80 mm X 83 mm)
Impact Print Mechanism15 M lines
Impact Printhead200 M characters


Cables - 189-1077857
Cables - 115-005-01
Power Cord - TPG-K320
Power Cord - TPG-K301
Power Cord - TPG-K330

Drivers & Downloads

Driver Help
A776II User Guide
A776II Setup Guide
A776II/B780II Programmer's Guide
Etherner Config (Web Browser)
Receiptware User Guide


Approved Paper