After Chip and Pin is deployed, what will the next security challenge be?


According to the National Retail Federation, retailers lose $8.9 billion per year to retail fraud and it’s predominantly related to cash receipts. Even though receipt fraud has existed for years, it has become more sophisticated as technology has advanced. What can retailers do to ward off the culprits? Read more.

Happy 40th Birthday, Barcode. You haven’t aged a bit!


Today I clicked on an article published by Business Solutions Magazine entitled, “The Bar Code Turns 40” written by Cheryl Knight. It can be viewed here: Below are a few of my observations

Ahhh Damn! Another employee spilled soda on the receipt printer


Accidents happen, protect your printer with a Spill Guard cover so you can keep the lines moving and the customer happy. Order a A798 with Spill Guard during the Month of May through our distributors and get an additional $10 off the printer.

Strange Sightings from the Field


Auto shop waiting rooms not being the most interesting environments on my list, I wandered the floor, checking out the newest vehicles and chatting casually with the office personnel while my car was serviced. One day I noticed a label printer sitting off in a corner with a large black zip-tie harness around its casing. My curiosity got the best of me so I asked the office manager why they had bound their printer this way.

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