Retail Solution Evolution: A TouchPoints TV NRF Interview with Kyle Turner

CognitiveTPG President and CEO Kyle Turner talks with Retail TouchPoints Associate Editor Alicia Fiorletta at NRF on the Merits... and Challenges... of Adapting to a Changing Retail Environment

NRF 2013 provided another outstanding opportunity for CognitiveTPG to share developing technologies with suppliers and retailers, as well as to listen to and understand the current and evolving needs of our customers, and to work together to look beyond legacy applications. One thing is abundantly clear; Regardless of the constant advancements that take place in retail technology, printing solutions remain a vital part of the in-store and back-of-store retail experience.

Listen in as Alicia Fiorletta discusses with CognitiveTPG President and CEO Kyle Turner how CognitiveTPG has evolved and adapted its solutions to keep pace with the evolution of retail:

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