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Windows Printer Drivers (10,7,Vista/8)POS Mini Driver for CognitiveTPG POS printers for Windows 10, Windows 7, Vista and Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit)4/10/2014
USB to Serial Emulation DriverDriver for RS-232 Emulation with USB Connection operating on Win 10, 2K, XP (32 and 64), Vista (32 and 64) and Win 7 (32 and 64)4/13/2012
JPOS Driver

JavaPOS Driver V1.14.0.13 for Linux and Windows / Win10 operating systems.

OPOS Driver

OPOS Driver V1.14.0.21 for Windows 10, 7, XP, Windows 8, and Vista operating systems.

Windows Printer Drivers (XP)POS Mini Driver for CognitiveTPG POS printers for Windows XP 32 and 64 bit4/13/2012


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ReceiptWare - Retail

Enhance your relationships with your customers using our receipt marketing software ReceiptWare, a simple and flexible receipt editing tool with features to deliver your message every time.

Using ReceiptWare, in just a few minutes you can transform your ordinary sales receipt into your own marketing and promotional messages!


Enhance Your Receipts with LogoEZ utility for added branding and marketing to your customer receipts 

OPOS Sample ApplicationSample app for the OPOS driver.3/10/2017
Printer Demo Software for POS PrintersPrinter Demo Software2/4/2009


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Ethernet Configurator for POS Printers (Windows)A user-friendly utility for setting Ethernet configurations using USB, Ethernet, or Serial communications.

See instructions here.
Paper Saving ToolWant to try out our tool? Fill out the form here and we'll send it to you!8/10/2017
Printer Configuration Utility for POS printers

User friendly utility featuring flash and boot options, usage monitoring, and diagnostics as well as the ability to add logos to receipts and run test scripts for demos.

HMUtility v1.60

Last Updated Fix
USB Mode Selector Utility

189-1200377 I USB Mode Selector Utility



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A799II DatasheetDatasheet with technical specifications and product features & benefits3/7/2014
A799II with Bluetooth Option DatasheetNew! A799II with Optional Bluetooth Technology Datasheet with technical specifications and product features and benefits3/12/2015


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Spill Guard Installation Instruction Sheet

Installation Instruction Sheet for the Spill Guard

A799II Set Up GuideSet up guide for quickly installing your A799II printer3/7/2014
A799II User GuideManual on operating, configuring, and maintaining your A799II printer3/7/2014
A799II Ethernet GuideSetup guide for Ethernet printers11/19/2015
A799II Programming ManualDetailed Programming Instructions for Advanced Users5/23/2016
Ethernet Configuration GuideInstructions for using our Ethernet Configurator to set a Static IP Address on an Ethernet printer using USB communications.4/7/2017
Driver HelpDescribes which drivers are for what purpose.10/14/2008
Etherner Config (Web Browser)Instructions for configuring your printer through a Web Browser7/13/2018
Receiptware User Guide

Provides a detailed description of how to set up and operate Receiptware software

Receiptware Text Logo with Windows

Instructions on how to use ReceiptWare Text Logo Feature with Windows 7