Software Developer, Logivision, Certifies CognitiveTPG’s A799 Printer

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Software Developer, Logivision, Certifies CognitiveTPG’s A799 Printer

LINCOLNSHIRE, IL – February 10, 2011 – CognitiveTPG is pleased to announce that POS software developer, Logivision, has tested and certified the A799 Receipt printer. Logivision, based in Montreal Canada, has been developing point of sale software for the grocery, pharmacy, liquor, convenience, and specialty retail since 1989.  

“We have worked with CognitiveTPG receipt printers in the past, then under the TPG name, and found them to be very reliable and easy to work with. We were not surprised that the A799 printer delivered the same reliability and ease of use. The A799 was instantly compatible and offered a fast and clear print,” said Peter Bohonis, co-owner of Logivision.

CognitiveTPG’s A799 is one of the fastest thermal printers on the market. Its steel frame and built-in spill resistant drainage system combined with unsurpassed thermal head, auto-cutter reliability, and standard four-year warranty provides many years of excellent service. The printer also features two-color and monochrome printing capabilities and two-column printing, excellent for adding advanced logos, graphics, or coupons on your receipts.

“Having Logivision’s certification means a lot to us as a manufacturer. We know Logivision to be a leader in point of sale software, always on the forefront of new technological developments. Certification with their POS software means that we can reach a broader audience in the markets they serve,” said Kevin O’Donnell, Director of Sales for CognitiveTPG. 
About Logivision
Logivision develops software for the retail industry with a particular focus on the operation system for the front-end terminals. Thousands of operators in countries around the world use our fast, easy and secure applications to keep their retail stores running smoothly. For more information please visit us at
About CognitiveTPG
CognitiveTPG is a leading provider of on-demand barcode and transaction printers to the retail, healthcare, manufacturing, service, and financial sectors worldwide. For over 35 years, CognitiveTPG has provided its customers with compact, economical and ultra-reliable printing solutions that have significant returns on investment. Visit

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