CognitiveTPG saves Androscoggin Bank 75% on Teller Receipt Printing

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When Androscoggin Bank needed to replace its entire line of aging teller receipt printers they put out a Request for Proposal (RFP). On a basic level they were looking for a printer that combined thermal and impact printing capabilities. The printer also had to be compatible with its Integrated Teller software from Fiserv.

Androscoggin Bank was using an old impact printer with pre-printed receipts with the company logo and contact information. Androscoggin Bank evaluated a half of dozen printers and out of the selection the CognitiveTPG B780 “was the clearly the frontrunner,” according Tim Craig, IT/Help Desk. Craig further stated that “it was the only printer with both thermal and impact printing and USB connectivity, a function that was critical to the communication between the printer and the software.”
With over 48 teller stations at the Androscoggin Bank, tellers print many teller tickets and receipts, an average of 3 per transaction. This equates to over 125 thousand transactions every 3 months. 
While the RFP specified basic printing requirements for the application it did not highlight some of the value ads that CognitiveTPG brought to the table.
The CognitiveTPG B780 printer was selected because of its dual impact and thermal printing capabilities, USB connectivity option, compatibility with the bank’s software, and its proven reliability. However, it was the hands-on technical support and additional printer functionality that led the bank’s staff to see the true value.
CognitiveTPG’s Banking Specialist, John James, worked directly with the Androscoggin Bank’s IT team on the installation of roughly 50 B780 printers. During the process it was identified that the bank’s teller software did not support the printer’s knife cut feature, used to mark the end of the receipt transaction. Having this feature was imperative if the bank wanted to take advantage of CognitiveTPG’s Receiptware™ software that enabled them to print their logo directly without having to use pre-printed receipts.

In order to enable this functionality, CognitiveTPG’s James worked with the bank’s IT Team to perform a command substitution in the printer’s firmware that allowed the printer to recognize a break in the printing command in order to have a stop/end receipt. As a result, the bank was able to use the Receiptware software to print its logo and contact information directly on the receipt and thereby eliminating the need for preprinted receipts. This added functionality saved the bank 75% per quarter. 
CognitiveTPG's B780 is a perfect fit for this market because of its fast printing, quiet operation, and small footprint. The B780 combines receipt printing with impact printing for check and form validation. With value-added features such as the Receiptware that enable effective direct marketing and document imaging, the B780 is the next evolution in teller receipt/validation printers.
It was a pleasure working with CognitiveTPG on this project. Not only did they deliver a printer that met all of our requirements but they also worked with us to create a solution for branded receipts that saved us 75% on our preprinted receipts per quarter.” said Tim Craig, IT/Help Desk of Androscoggin Bank.
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