Ahhh Damn! Another employee spilled soda on the receipt printer

Ahhh Damn! Another employee spilled soda on the receipt printer and the printer is fried. Now the manager has to shut down the register in order to remove and replace printer, assuming of course the manager has a replacement printer in stock. Not only does this disrupt the workflow and slow down customer service, it is likely a costly mistake of repairing or replacing the printer.

Accidental spills on POS printers and equipment happen more frequently than you would imagine, especially in fast food, bar, movie theaters, and restaurant environments.

As a manager what are you supposed to do, mandate that no drinks are allowed near the register? That would be nearly impossible to monitor and implement, especially for the fast food industry.

Our suggestion – protect the printer. One of our customers with thousands of fast food chains around the world just started using the A798 printer with our Spill Guard cover attached. Since ordering the customer has seen nearly an 80% reduction in printers being sent in for repairs, which equates to substantial savings.

While CognitiveTPG POS printers are designed with built-in internal and external dams and gutters to prevent damage to the print mechanism, a direct influx of liquid can still cause irreparable damage, which is why we now off a Spill Guard cover for our A798 and A799 printers.

The new Spill Guard accessory provides added protection to ensure continuous printing even in the most challenging POS environments.

Don’t believe us? We have video and a product demo to prove our printer operating even after continuous water being poured over the printer.

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