"If It Doesn't Break... You Don't Have To Fix It."

At CognitiveTPG, we put our printers to the test so you don't have to. Just like the engineers who design the world's most advanced suspension bridges, we build reliable, rugged, and durable printers, tested and analyzed extensively and approved to function reliably in extreme environments. In fact, we test over 100 individual printers per year. We examine every aspect of every printer, including features, packaging, and how well they perform in real life environments.

CognitiveTPG label printers are capable of printing 10,000 labels per day, and our POS printers will print and cut 7,000 typical receipts per day. Our test lab will run through 20 million inches of various media in one year to ensure that our printers can stand up to the most rigorous use.

CognitiveTPG printers are also registered with the necessary agencies to guarantee they meet world-wide safety standards. And, just like vehicle testing, our printers are put through grueling testing in extreme temperature and humidity conditions from just above freezing to desert-like conditions.

So whatever your situation, you can be sure that CognitiveTPG printers will live up to the challenge... and your sales staff won't be saddled to their office chairs fielding service calls while your competitors are out in the field making sales calls.